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Greece: July 8

July 7, the date of the national elections in Greece, has come and gone. But July 8 will not bring happiness to any systemic party. It will only bring anxiety, perplexity and fear. A couple of weeks ago, Greece’s statistical services, ELSTAT, published some interesting data comparing and contrasting the periods of austerity between 2015-18

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Against a second Brexit referendum

The British people, failed by their natural representative, the Labour Party, opted for the nationalist radicalism of Farage’s UKIP. Thus, the demagogues won. But not those who voted for them. Nothing can be more wrong for Britain, the British people and Europe than a second referendum between “Remain in the EU vs. a Canadian-style free

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The US-Turkey stand-off in context: the US and the weaponisation of global finance

The US, a declining superpower, is trying to use the power of the dollar as a weapon to punish Turkey and other disobedient actors in the international system. Mainstream pundits and media commentators see the crisis in US-Turkey relations and the collapse of the Turkish currency as a result of Turkey’s refusal to hand over

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What’s in a name: the Macedonian question and the social question

The Macedonian Question will be there for many years to come, easily manipulated by both imperialisms and nationalisms of all kinds. The accord crafted between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) resolving the name dispute has an energising social potential. It potentially undermines nationalisms in the Southern Balkans, while at the same

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Review of Adults in the Room – The Fabian Society

Adults in the Room: My Battle with Europe’s Deep Establishment, Yanis Varoufakis, 2017, Bodley Head, £20 Yanis Varoufakis, a British-trained economist who taught for many years in Australia, Britain and Greece, was Greece’s finance minister for 162 days during Syriza’s first few months in office in 2015. His duties were anything but ordinary. With his

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The Labour Party must embrace a hard, socialist Brexit to stand a chance of winning the general election

The electoral success of a political party depends on many factors. But the most important one is the correct reading of domestic developments and how they are connected to global economic and political trends. Parties must understand both of these environments when developing their campaign strategies. The British economy is characterised by the dominance of

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RIP United Kingdom, 1927-2017

The Tories maintain the electoral momentum and the political initiative, something which is not only going to damage Labour irreversibly, but the entire country, with Brexit negotiations breaking it apart. Read the full post on Open Democracy

Class, Trump, Brexit, and the decline of the West

In politics, long-term socio-economic trends and global shifts matter more than often overstated ‘progressive’ discourses about equality, progress and freedom. Le Monde characterised the victory as “a fundamental transformation” comparable to the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11. For The Guardian, Trump “will halt all the progressive narrative about America in the 21st Century”;

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“Brexit”: the real threat to globalization

British voters on June 23 may also decide the future of globalisation/ financialisation. If Britain votes to leave the EU, globalisation may be over, and with it an era in history. The impact of Brexit on Britain and globalization: the role of the City of London The European Union accounts for almost half of Britain’s

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