Vassilis K. Fouskas is a professor of international politics and economics at the University of East London. Here, readers can find his academic work as well as opinion articles about the current political juncture, social issues and themes that preoccupy the mind that wants to learn and have an informed opinion about society, politics, culture and economics. Many of its themes are of global, Asian and European concern with other themes concerning Greek, Balkan and Near Eastern politics and history, including Cyprus.

Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies

The Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies (JBNES) is the leading English language journal for the study of modern international relations and the history, global economic relations and geopolitics of the former Ottoman and Soviet regions and states whose territories are in the Balkans and the greater Middle East.

The journal encourages critical perspectives, and also accepts proposals for special issues on topical themes concerning the position of the region and its individual states in regional, European, Asian and global politics.

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Γιατί η πατρίδα είναι μία 17 September, 2020 / Greece, Middle East, Politics In this debate with George Ekonomakis of Patras University over the Greek-Turkish crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean, Vassilis argues that the concept of "homeland" pertains to an ontological-historical unity and criticises Ekonomakis that, drawing from Lenin, sees "two homelands", that of labour and that of capital. Μια απάντηση στο Γιώργο Οικονομάκη (και στο ΚΚΕ) Στο… Continue Reading
Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and COVID-19 22 April, 2020 / Greece, Middle East In this discussion with Vassilis K. Fouskas and Bülent Gökay, Biljana Vankovska explores the complexities of the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean centred around the issue of refugees/migrants/asylum seekers. Published in the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies in March 2020, this discussion provides context for the crisis of summer 2020 between Greece and… Continue Reading
Corona Crisis: There Is No Alternative (TINA) – to Socialism, this Time 25 March, 2020 / Economics, Politics We don’t get fooled again. Once more the political class is trying to rescue corporations at the expense of the 99%. Where yesterday there was no money for social policy, today there are trillions for corporations that have created an economic and environmental dystopia. Vassilis K. Fouskas is professor of international relations at the University… Continue Reading
Hibridno ratovanje Turske na Balkanu 14 March, 2020 / Balkans The discussion with Biljana in "Nova Makedonjia" on hybrid warfare in the Balkans is also available on the PCNEN website in Montenegro.  Intervju Biljane Vankovske sa Vassilis K. Fouskas, profesorom međunarodnih odnosa na University of East London, osnivačem Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies (Routledge) koji od 1998. izlazi osam puta godišnje. Biljana Vankovska:… Continue Reading